3 Cool Discovery Cove Experiences Your Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

June 12, 2019
Here are 3 cool Discovery Cove experiences your dad will love to try this Father’s Day.

Every dad has his day and this Father’s Day you want to make it special.  No matter their age, fathers make a huge difference in the lives of their children. Every hug they give, every bad joke they tell, every moment they listen patiently, fathers give their all for their families. And that’s something worth celebrating!

660x410 Father and Son The Grand Reef

So to all the dads out there, thank you for all you do.  And to all you spouses and kids who still don’t know what to get dad for Father’s day, this blog is for you!

Here are 3 cool Discovery Cove experiences your dad will love to try this Father’s Day:

1. Treat dad to fantastic fare. Included with admission, guests at Discovery Cove can enjoy unlimited access to a fantastic selection of food and drinks all day long. From familiar fare to chef specials, all dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and incorporate healthy elements, with daily seafood selections, salad options, and vegetarian dishes available.  What’s more, ice-cold beverages, including bottled water, soft drinks, and select alcoholic beverages (for guests 21 years of age and older) are also available.

2. If your dad is anything like the typical dad, he will want to relax on Father’s day.  So help him unwind in our Wind-away River, even if the world around him never does.  This waterway meanders through the park, past beaches, palm-covered walkways and rocky lagoons. Dad can relax as he drifts by a sunny island beach, through a dense tropical forest and an underwater cave.

3. The Grand Reef. If your dad thinks you’re up to something fishy, prove him right with an underwater adventure at The Grand Reef. Together you can snorkel among tropical fish, rays, and canyons inspired by reefs from around the world. He’ll discover a below-the-surface world teeming with sea life, where you can both snorkel in deeper waters as thousands of exotic fish and graceful rays swim around you. You can even explore along the water’s edge or cross a bridge to see sharks swimming below.

So go ahead – make dad’s day! Treat him to an unforgettable day of great food, relaxation and exhilaration that’ll bring you closer to dad and the animal world than ever before.