Enjoy unlimited food and beverages at Discovery Cove

Unlimited Food and Beverages

Drink Package

  • Upgraded Drink Package

    Enjoy unlimited deluxe drinks at Discovery Cove.

    Get the most out of our food and beverage service with an exclusive Upgraded Drink Package that’s available during your entire day.

    • Check Sangria, Rum Punch, Discovery Cove Sunset (park exclusive), Mojito, Cuba Libre, Margarita and a selection of local craft beers and upgraded wines
    • Check Must be 21 years or older

    All guests must be 21 or older and provide valid ID upon check-in.

    Ages 21+ $30.00 /per guest

Sustainable Food Sourcing

  • Sustainable food sourcing for animals at Discovery Cove

    Sustainable Fish for Animal Ambassadors

    We are dedicated to healthy food sources for all of the animals at SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove. The Discovery Cove animal care team is committed to sustainable sourcing of fish fed to the fish-eating (piscivorous) animals. This includes purchasing food from responsibly managed fisheries that we closely review for nutritional quality and safety. We also avoid purchasing fish that have been caught or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment.
  • Sustainable Food Sourcing at Discovery Cove

    Sustainable Food Sourcing and Humane Farming

    As part of our efforts to inspire our guests to protect the world we live in, Discovery Cove is dedicated to responsible food sourcing. As part of that policy, we commit to only provide humanely raised and sustainably harvested food at SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove. Here are a few of the commitments our company has made towards sustainable and humane food sourcing:

    • A continuing commitment to serving seafood sourced from either sustainably managed fisheries or aquaculture in all park restaurants;
    • Expand park menus to include more plant-based options for guests.
    • A commitment to source produce from local farms when and where possible.
    • A commitment to sustainably source all coffee served to our guests and ambassadors.
    • A commitment to purchase all commodity pork cuts, such as ribs and loins, from suppliers who have announced a commitment to humane farming practices like those who have published targets for conversion to group sow housing.
    • All eggs, including shell and liquid eggs, are sourced from cage-free chickens.