What Does All-Inclusive Mean at Discovery Cove?

January 27, 2020
Swimming with Dolphins, tropical fish, rays and more await you at Orlando’s all-inclusive day resort.
Escape to paradise at Discovery Cove, Orlando’s all-inclusive oasis, where admission includes everything from equipment to experiences. So what exactly does “all-inclusive” mean at Discovery Cove?

With Day Resort Packages starting at $149 and Signature Dolphin Swim Packages starting at $199, your escape to Orlando’s Oasis includes:

  • Swim with dolphins (available with a Signature Dolphin Swim Package)
  • Snorkeling with tropical fish & rays
  • Hand-feeding exotic birds
  • Up-close animal viewing
  • Winding rivers and waterfalls
  • Unlimited food and drinks
  • White sand beaches & tropical lagoons
  • Wetsuits and snorkel gear
  • Towels and animal-friendly sunscreen
  • Complimentary parking

Unlimited Food and Beverages

What Does All-Inclusive Mean at Discovery Cove Orlando?

At Discovery Cove, all-inclusive means you never have to worry about paying for meals! Our allergy-friendly meal offerings cater to visitors with specific dietary needs and restrictions and can be found throughout the day. At Discovery Cove we are proud to say that our healthy food is sourced from sustainable sources. For our guests over the age of 21, we also offer select beer and wine with all packages. You can also upgrade to a premium drink package for those adult beverages you’ve been wanting!

The Grand Reef

What Does All-Inclusive Mean at Discovery Cove Orlando?

See beautiful tropical fish and rays in our stunning coral reef habitat while working on your snorkeling skills! The Grand Reef is perfectly built for all adventurers explore alongside thousands of colorful fish and rays through our reefs.

Dolphin Lagoon

What Does All-Inclusive Mean at Discovery Cove Orlando?

Our dolphin swim experience gives visitors the chance to interact with bottlenose dolphins as well as learn about their behaviors and communication skills. Be sure to choose our Signature Dolphin Swim Package when booking your day.

Explorer's Aviary

What Does All-Inclusive Mean at Discovery Cove Orlando?

Explore by land or sea. Come and make some feathery friends in one of our 3 free-flight aviaries. Listen to the songs of hundreds of birds and watch as they fly by you. You’ll also get a chance to hand-feed these unique birds yourself.

Certified Autism Center

In an ongoing effort to make Discovery Cove an inclusive resort for everyone, we have partnered with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to become a Certified Autism Center that allows us to offer specialized services to guest with autism and other special needs.

Pricing and Upgrades

For more information on packages, pricing, and add-ons, please check out our pricing and upgrades pages.