Discovery Cove Welcomes Dreamflight Passengers for Trip of a Lifetime

November 8, 2019
United Kingdom Based Charity Brings 192 Children with Serious Illnesses or Disabilities to Orlando

Discovery Cove® recently welcomed 192 children with a wide range of illnesses or disabilities for a tropical day in paradise and to spend time learning about dolphins. The visit was coordinated by Dreamflight, a United Kingdom based charity that organizes the annual 10-day trip to Orlando, Florida, providing fun and unforgettable memories for the children and the large team of volunteer doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others who escort them. This is the 18th consecutive year Discovery Cove has hosted this group of guests to the park.



Our entire team looks forward to this visit every year, working alongside the Dreamflight crew to create a truly unforgettable experience for these children.  A team of more than 40 Discovery Cove and SeaWorld Ambassadors work hand-in-hand, days in advance, to prepare the park for this very special visit. From leveling sand and installing planks on the beaches for easier wheelchair access, to the amenities that support the children during their dolphin visits, a great deal of time and effort is invested in making sure that the day is perfect for the children. 




Dreamflight aims to give the children an opportunity to do something that medicine cannot, including discovering independence, confidence, and a new outlook on life. For most children, this is the first time they have been away from their parents, and many return home with boosted self-esteem, a sense of independence and the knowledge that they are not alone. Although the Dreamflight visit to Discovery Cove lasts only for one day, the benefits for these most deserving children are often life-long.