Our Conservation Efforts for the Wild Life

Discovery Cove is a luxurious and exclusive experience that combines elements of education and entertainment to bring our guests directly into the world of exotic animals and their habitats. Our hope is that a day spent here will, in part, inspire people to feel a closer connection to these amazing animals, and to join us in our efforts to conserve and care for the world we share.

Animal experts from Discovery Cove also reach beyond the park by making hundreds of community appearances each year at schools, science centers, hospitals and other places where eager hearts can be found and filled with an appreciation of the natural world. Curriculum guides and other reference materials on wildlife and habitat preservation are distributed free to teachers worldwide.

Our passion for wildlife is further expressed by taking a direct hand in improving life for the many species of animals and types of habitats represented at Discovery Cove—here and around the world.

We support the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and actively participate in its worldwide efforts on behalf of animals and the environment.

Wild Life Conservation Education at Discovery Cove